Notes from Build 2021

2021, May 25    

Build 2021 just got underway, and it is another year where we are all joining remotely.

Here are my raw notes from the sessions I am attending, and I’ll be coming back update throughout the event.

Keynote Day 1

Developers getting Long-term commitment and doing real work because of ongoing crisis health and economic crisis

Tech GDP will double to 10% by 2030

Agriculture, wellness, automotive and other non-tech companies all hiring software engineers

Nigeria, Hong Kong, Egypt, other countries  all hiring more and more

Remote job postings on the up

“Nobody wants tech that rapidly scales but breaks the world around us”

Cosmos DB being used by loads of folk inc Walmart

Azure Application Services can run on k8s

Collaborative applications - cross device new type

Over 95% of world’s largest companies running their businesses on Microsoft Cloud

145 million daily active users,

Microsoft Teams is integrating apps & business processes where collaboration takes place

1.3 bn devices running Windows. New updates incoming

Future of Modern Application Development with .NET

Desktop/Web/Cloud/Mobile/Gaming/IoT/Ai - everything, ant language, any device
.NET popular within the community, and better perf (10x faster than node)

windows/max/linux with or without containers
.NET upgrade assistant to upgrade old code - step by step

.NET 6 - single stack for all modern scenarios.
single SDK, one BCL and a unified toolchain
Cross-platform native UI, Web UI, cloud native investments, Perf and productivity

EF Core got a huge perf update 40% percent faster on requests.

minimal apis - super small api projects, microservices, no usings etc.
Clear upgrade path to MVC when this gets too big

EnableCors decorator. Is that new?
Publish to Azure direct from VS - I always forget you can do that :)

All code mostly living in a single project.
Lots of config going on in Startup.cs
ConfigureServices - platform specific stuff

Web UI as client apps
BlazorWebView control for embedding in MAUI project

.NET Conf 2021
Nov 9-11
.NET 6 Launch

Application Development with Scott Hanselman & Friends

Scott is killing it with his videos and stuff.

4C with cheese

oh my posh - a tool for pimping out windows terminal with stuff like current git branches - looks awesome

Run on ubuntu and debug on windows. Inception

intellicode works out what you are doing if you are doing repetitive stuff. Example used playwright - very cool

Diablo IV blog post on how the Blizzard guys are using VS and other MS stuff for game development

Hot reload - picks up the changes without a restart

code spaces - cloud editing in the cloud via GitHub. Built in templates and stuff, looks cool

VS code notebooks - REST Books - posting code to lumicube
python improvements like auto import namespaces