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kris in black and whiteHi, my name is Kris and I'm a computer programmer living in London, UK.

At heart I love to code and my main focus is with the development of rich client applications. I am also interested in all things to do with graphics, design and user experience.

I develop primarily on the Microsoft platform with a focus on C#, XAML and XNA and I love the Windows, Web, Windows Phone and Surface platforms.

This site is all about my love of technology. It was put together on various flights and train journeys so it is very ad-hoc. There are still plenty of features I would like to add so watch this space.

When I am not in front of a computer, I can usually be found on Xbox live, Snowboarding or out on my bike around London.

Please do say hello. I can be found all over the internet - check out the Connect section.


Technology has always been a big part of my life, right from my younger years when I was building my neighbours PC’s using the newest Pentium processors to learning the latest and greatest (and sometimes bleeding edge) client technologies of today and tomorrow.

I am primarily a C# developer and focus on XAML based technologies and XNA with the Windows, Windows Phone and Surface platforms with the use of Kinect.

More recently, I have branched out onto the web and have learnt a thing or two about HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

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By day I work as a software engineer at Marks and Spencer.

Here, I cover all technologies across a wide range of stacks but I specialise in the Windows platform with C# and XAML

Projects I have worked on in the past include designing and developing the WPF interface elements to be used in a large scale call centre rollout based on Dynamics CRM and working with the Windows Phone Depth Partner Support Team at Microsoft UK.

I have also written training materials for the Microsoft product groups and Microsoft Learning. This has been based on WPF, Silverlight, Microsoft Surface, XNA and Windows Azure.


I am very passionate about the developer community and I love to share what I am currently learning in the hope that others will benefit from what I happen to be up to.

Below are links to all of the technical stuff I have done that is publicly available.

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Presentation Windows 8 with XAML and C# Slides and code for my session on how to use XAML and C# to write apps for Windows 8. I have delivered this session at various events and locations including the DDD10 event at the Microsoft UK campus in Reading. Note that the slide deck theme is different to the theme I use during the live talk. Skydrive logo
Presentation Windows Phone Development with Silverlight Slides and code for my introductory session to windows phone 7 and how to use Silverlight to target the platform. I have delivered this session at various events and locations including DDD9, DDD South West 3, Microsoft UK and GeekUp Nottingham Skydrive logo
Developer Training Microsoft Surface Official training material for Microsoft Surface v1.0. Couse contains nine modules, each with a unique video and lab document Share logo
Article Microsoft Surface 2.0 Article for the MSDN Flash newsletter on Microsoft Surface 2.0 Share logo


If I'm not in front of computer learning how video games are made, the chances are I will be playing one.

I'm a big fan of the Xbox 360 platform and my gamertag is LookItsKris.

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Through the powers of social networking I can be found all over the internet.

Anything larger and more technical I want to say can usually be found on my blog. Anything cool that I find around the internet I add to my tumblr and anything short and sweet gets tweeted on my very active twitter account.

You can also find my professional profile on linkedin and I can also be reached through good old, rock solid email.

If you are using Internet Explorer 9 this site, my blog and my tumblr page all make use of the site pinning feature for easy access to all of my networks.

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